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Grootch:1) Who do you idealize? Everybody drknis the koolaid, it just depends on what flavor. I still think this country should have elected Perot. Who better to keep an eye on thieves in Washington than one of the best. I would rather have you as president than either one of the parties choices, unless Colin Powell runs, or Tommie Thompson. Your taunts get you know where with me, I don't trust politicians of either cut. Give me a tax break and don't piss away my money and I am happy. Honesty in government died along time ago.2)Speaking of simplistic blather Hannity, O'Rielly, etc all sell product..the only thing I will give them is they don't sell out the country in print, they are proud they are American, they dislike crime, they don't apologize for being American, and so what they rant against liberal shit..the liberal agenda is as twisted as the conservative pseudo christian crap as well. Only the conservatives don't march out quasi celebrities who think because they pretend to be something they somehow are smarter than us..Sean Penn..he peaked at Fast Times for christ sake. Madona? Rosie? Moore? Come on..I would follow those idiots to see where they are going. What liberal giant of industry has created wealth for a business sector..Gates? He now is outsourcing engineering jobs out of this country faster than ford they are the same, only they lie a nicer to hear lie..pablum for the masses. Clinton was a cheat. Period. I trust no man whose wife cannot trust him. Wellstone was an idealogue, but he cared in the true Humphrey mold. I liked him. Kerry threw his brothrs under the bus, he traded his old wife in for a nice trust fund..good for him..as soon as he got back from Nam started the anti war shit for all the wrong reasons. Fuck him too. Clinton and little Bush were cowards, Rumsfeld Bremer are idiots, Saddam is dead..too fucking bad for him.4) Liberals want to lead around by the hand and have government solve all their problems and be admired by people poorer than they are..but secretly are jealous of people with more money than them. They have never solved a problem since Windows, and are incapable of same so they redistribute wealth. They are inherently cowards and when it comes time to put up or shut up, they run away (to Canada)but still want all the rights that the constitution gives and are unwilling to defend it when it doesn't suit them. They are lazy and believe in a welfare state to keep those minorities in their place (projects maintained by govt subsidy) so they don't come and live in their suburban wonderland ..>grootch..sound like you yet????Wait there is more..Karl Rove is a punk..so is Les Aspin who I personally hold responsible for those rangers and darkside warriors being dragged through Mogadishu because of how things would look to the world.. fuck him, rush limbaugh is a joke..but Moore? Franken..yeh, send donations to me..al franken, give me a fucking break, who are you crapping. The point is, they are all fuckheads, they will tell you what you want to hear..you know..those magic words that got so many high school girls in the back seat, yeh honey..I love you, and if you love me . either way,you are fucked. Just get a fucking that feels good to you, not to the guy down the street..fuck him, let him get his own kicks..Throwdown??? More like Ho' down.. liberals haven't done shit and always have culpable deniability. 9 months after dubya swears in, the 19 brotherhood boyz grab the aircraft..are yu naive enough to think that plan was hatched in his presidency? give me a fucking break, when Hummer Hunter had that bearded cocksucker in his sights he fucked it up, the Sudan would have apprehended him! He probably was thinking of cigar tricks..fuck willy too. Your passion is admirable but your trust is seriously misplaced. We can go tit fo tat if you wish, keep up the good work, though you are a lazy, welfare loving fucking liberal (nice touch grootch) I work 50-60 hour weeks and add a shit load of community stuff as well. I take that kind of sweeping generalization you expouse as an insult. I bust my ass, i am a reformed Democrat, and there are no democrats anymore..none. A shitload of ninnies who are afraid of offending hollywood. They are more prisoners of a mindset philosophy than the conservatives. When this current bunch of wannabees get done apologizing to the world for what we Americans have done..fuck them too. They are cowards..nothing worse than a coward on a stick. At least that dimwit Bush took a stand, he had some morons pulling levers, but the bad guys around the world got a message..wait for the ninnies to come into power. So now they are waiting. I would be embarrassed to embrace anyone mentioned favorably by bin-Laden, bit that is only because he doesn't respect the democrats. That disrespect is what caused his great miscalculation about us in general, and is why he is living in a cave in Pakistan somewhere. Clinton gave him the wrong impression, that we wouldn't fight back. He, of course, was wrong on that as little Bush punched back and sent Osama, Omar, and al-Zawahri under rocks for 7 years. They can come out in a year. Where is Jesse the Govna when you need him not Jesse the Liberal Whiteboy Hatin guy, but the boa wearing former gov of the great state of Minnesota..

Intelligence and smipliticy - easy to understand how you think.

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